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What could be the wedding shoes for the bride?When the bride is just beginning to prepare for the wedding, the first thing I thought of buying a dress, veil, or the choice of hats, the jewelry that will adorn her neck and ears.

 Throughout the complex purchases that needs to be done, a pair of shoes is just as important, and perhaps more than any other co-dress accessories.If you want to learn more about the man at first sight, then pay attention to what he was shod. Marriage is no exception, because the bride's wedding shoes to be different. In selling a huge range of models is characterized by high heel shoes, decor, color, materials and workmanship.

 As the bride choose different ages?Shoes for young and active BrideAs a rule, the most original design options chosen young girls: students, young professionals. They are not only interested in fashion, but are not afraid to buy something for himself out of the ordinary. Stand out among the rest - a natural desire at that age! So often you can see in the summer of a young bride in a short wedding dress, shod in high boots, fishnet-stockings.

 She might as well be presented to the guests and unusual shoes with bright decor, such as with large bows or odd-shaped high heels.Bride Wedding Shoes up to 30 yearsIn 25-30 years, is becoming a daily and evening style of a woman who is not in a hurry to buy that bright, trendy and somewhat extravagant, but to look at the beautiful, stylish shoes, the design of which is close to classical. It may be traditional for weddings court shoes, current models in high heels with open beak, and shoes with open heel. If you choose to boots or ankle boots, you probably either in the winter season, not summer.

Shoes practical bridesSome brides follow a practical approach to the acquisition of clothing and footwear, hoping for the opportunity to wear them again and again for other festive occasions.

Indeed, it is possible to buy a wedding dress lighter shade, which would then be appropriate at another gala evening, and white shoes of leather, after which you can combine it with other clothes. You do not need to be aged to different practical - it is rather a feature of personality than age characteristic.Let the bride's wedding shoes reflect her character, sense of style, her age, and let there be chosen with the mood.

 The main thing - to buy the right size so as not to lose a shoe, as did Cinderella.