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The history of wedding hairstyles

In the life of every modern girl who was going to get married, wedding hairstyle holds a special place. You can use it to express all the feelings and emotions that she feels at the moment. Different nationalities have their own customs and ornaments to create wedding hairstyles.

In ancient times it was thought that a girl with long hair maintained some connection with the cosmos. Therefore, all the girls in ancient times, had to wear braided hair or to dissolve them. But when she got married, her hair braided in a braid going to spiral at the back. There was a belief that such hair protected from the negative family walking on the detractors. This is where the tradition came to us to collect the hair on the crown of the bride.

For wedding hair in Russia had a special relationship. In her hair plaited ribbons, flowers. At the head of the bride wore a white handkerchief, the edges of which were treated with gold or silver thread. He was a symbol of purity and innocence. On top of the dress handkerchief kokoshnik. But if the bride is a rich, kokoshnik was decorated with precious stones and pearls.

Another decoration of wedding hairstyles - bridal veil. She appeared for a long time, but until now has been and remains the most popular attribute in the women's wedding hairstyle. Long ago it was believed that the veil protected the bride from evil thoughts, jealousy, bad people.

Alternative veil - hats. They never go out of style.

From ancient Rome came to us the custom of decorating a wedding tiara hair. It symbolized the marriage altar.

In Europe, the 18th century was a popular head of the bride and groom decorated with wreaths of wild flowers, which made the children.

That hairstyle is the most important components of the image of the bride, supplementing and adorning it.