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Make-up - a means to achieve beauty, it is not surprising that its appearance is related to ancient times.

 Also, make-up of many tribes, he served as a hallmark of the others. Residents of the tribe applied to the face and hands with specific patterns that distinguished them from people of other tribes. But the importance of beauty as "jewelry" was first used in ancient Egypt.There was a special powder which smoothes the skin and conceal some of the defects.

 Eyes summed black powder, and the skin under the brows adorned with copper sulfate or grated malachite.In ancient Rome, was used for the soot blackening the eyebrows, white face, and fats and oils used as ointments or perfumes. East residents also enjoy cosmetics.In India, men and women are led up the eyes with antimony, and eyebrows with charcoal.

 It was a symbol to denote caste sandal on the forehead, and his nails and hair parted in the color red or orange color. Chinese women overly bleached face, and perfect eyebrows lent a shade of green. All cosmetic products were very expensive, so they could afford only the wealthy class.

 For those who do not have such funds, had to use the gifts of nature, herbs, beets, and others. Even in Russia, used make-up, which later appeared on the fashion front sight and powder.

This make-up needed on a regular basis to correct, since a thick layer of makeup just fall off pieces at the ball. Further cosmetic active development

.And now, having a wide selection of cosmetics, we are able to choose and create for us a natural way of contrast, or a combination.