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Women who lived in the era of Rococo, wore a corset on the dress itself. After the revolution they began to use tights, tight body.

 Since the nineteenth century it became possible to boil shirts, they have become very popular. They were not top design ideas. In addition, for women and men produced the same model. Those who could pay more, wore clothes of a style more sophisticated and more expensive material.In the thirties of last century clothes close to the mind what we now imagine. Has become widely used silk, cut change in the direction of greater elegance. Underwear for men, too, has undergone major changes.

 Steel collars to fasten shirts and shorts are doing shorter. In America the first to use the pants as the heats.Corset translated from French as "the body". Something resembling a corset was seen already by the Greeks and Romans. At the time, coats and tunics worn by wearing special belts made of leather. As an independent part of the garment, the corset was used in the seventeenth century. The form of the corset has followed the fashion. At one time he was more than a bathing suit that is now.

 Widespread corsets were with the onset of the Spanish fashion. Its peculiarity was that the chest had specifically Waist up to the fact that girls from childhood impose special lead plates, resulting in a total strain of the female figure. At the same time, men used a corset to pull the waist.

 Later with the advent of French fashion has returned a habit to emphasize the shape and bust. A little later, corsets purchased form a funnel. Greater significance was the corset to keep in the Rococo era, when it became very fashionable to use it with crinoline. In England, the corset is not delayed as much as in France. After the French Revolution, wearing a corset was rejected by the philosophers of the time.

 It did not affect England, where local dandy willingly wore a corset. After the Industrial Revolution, it became possible to produce corsets on the machines. Gradually, the corset was to take their positions. A large contribution is made in Poiret, King of the French fashion, which has offered to sew dresses without a corset.

 In the period after the First World War almost entirely replaced by graceful corsets.Bathing suits are used only the last century. Their proliferation, they are obliged to ensure that people have become more active as an exercise use the swimming and diving. Swimsuits for women at that time were made of cotton, decorated with a variety of ruffles. Also, in addition to the swimsuit worn black stockings. Male variant represented the product of the cotton red and white colors.