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The history of wedding dresses

Wedding Dress are now able to buy any girl. Where and how to buy a wedding dress is easy for today's bride. Many bridal boutiques, salons, shops welcoming their customers expect. A World Wide Web calls to the Internet-shops, where you'll not only get information about different developments and the latest trends in wedding fashion, wedding dresses to see catalogs of famous domestic and foreign fashion designers get a lot of advice and tips from professionals, but also have the opportunity to buy a wedding dress in the vending system online. Enjoying the beauty of wedding dresses, we did not think about that, wedding dresses in the form in which we know them today, appeared in a fashion not so long ago.

At the wedding dress has its own remarkable history, its traditions and its signs. Fact, but to XX-th century there was no wedding dress as such, as a special type of suit. Bride dressed usually in something unusual, different from the everyday. So it was in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt.

In Europe, the Middle Ages and even in Europe of modern times was also not a specialized piece of clothing for the bride. Wedding dress bride West Middle Ages was a dress of purple flowers, bright red and crimson. Moreover, the outfit was formed from the top and bottom of dresses.

Almost up to the XV century, in all the chests of girls from wealthy families usually kept his grandmother's beautiful wedding dress purple, made of velvet or brocade. These wedding dresses from generation to generation, the older daughter, married family. In the Renaissance, the most beautiful wedding dresses have been in Italy. Very expensive fabric for wedding dress was white satin with a mirror sheen, were also distributed clothes of silver brocade that embroidered with pearls and precious stones. Pearl was a special favor, because they believed that it reinforces family bonds. Pearls in your hair weave bride, dressed him in his arms and neck, in the form of necklaces and bracelets. After the departure of the Renaissance gown for a wedding has changed many times. They were a more open, then, conversely, how much the bride covered multiple layers of material.

The deep cleavage and corsets, crinolines dresses, decorated with light lace, ribbons, flowers, ruffles, bows, dresses with trains of a length determined by the position of the bride, characterized the Rococo style, which appeared first in France and then throughout Europe. At the end of XVIII - early XIX century, a trend abrupt change in tastes. Wedding dresses prefer to sew in the Empire style, with which to create a delicate and dreamy image of a bride. Empire Style is a silhouette of a wedding dress with high waist, gently draped figure of the bride of light flowing fabric. In the middle of the XIX century, waist line takes its place, again, the corset and skirt again becomes lush and fashion intrudes crinoline. Wedding dresses richly decorated with bows, ruffles, draperies, flounces, lace. Then there are the fashion bustles, who with the help of a skeleton, or pads added to the visual back of the dress. But the style lasts a short time and by the end of the XIX century, totally go flounces, bustles, crinolines, bows. Winning simplicity and ease of bridal and bridesmaid dress in elegant wedding dress with lace inset on the chest or place high neckline and slightly flared skirt. XX century for wedding dresses marked by dramatic changes. First of all, it concerns the length of the dress. When, at the very beginning of the century, the dress reveals a little ankle, it is taken as the desperate audacity of the then standards

. A teenage girl in a simple dress with a waistline of 20 s is changed to a romantic and feminine lady 30s, after a fashion requires women fortieth rigor and clarity of straight lines in clothes. In the difficult post-war fifties, after the privations and want women to be happy once again immersed in the romantic style, with long, sweeping skirts to the knee and a slightly dropped waist. But 60 years went down in history as the era of shocking fashion mini, which was subsequently fixed in wardrobes confident fashionistas. The dress is becoming more clear and concise form, and the number of parts is reduced to a minimum. Even the bridal salons in Moscow are available in those years shorter styles of wedding dresses for Russian brides. Destination wedding fashion and bridal salons are very quick to react to their proposals for these changes not only in Moscow but also in other cities of the Union.

70 years have been characterized over hippies with their common hobby of folk motifs, embroidered blouse with jeans and removed. After a time of universal love and complete relaxation back to the 80s retro style, which is then replaced with a sports style clothing. This style of clothing provided for their own rules, agitating for a clear stance and active lifestyle.

In our rapidly changing times, with its numerous discoveries and advances in various fields, remarkable innovations and achievements, wedding fashion, to some extent preserves the relative conservatism. Of course, it has become more loyal, and it can easily be mixed and combined different directions and styles. Today the style of wedding dress is totally dependent on my mood, imagination and taste the bride herself.