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Jovani GownsJovani dresses are designed in such a way that makes you feel special no matter your shape and size, made for everyday women in a way that hides flaws and boosts confidence, Jovani dresses offer distinct and separate sizes even for the full figured woman.

 It has always been a mind blowing issue for women of plus size or extremely small sizes to find their pick form fashionable dresses by other designers, as most of them do not have the category of these set of people in mind when designing their dresses.

 These days as a plus sized woman you have a sense of pride that you’re not left out in the fashion world, and can boldly take your pick form many of the glamorous Jovani gowns. 

Jovani Prom Dresses steal the show all the time and are characterized by newest looks year after year.

There is a wide range of prom designs for Jovani gowns; the idea is to create a gratifying fit with a young, fit and fresh hip style. Jovani uses high quality fabric to create these designs and they are gorgeously styled to create a lasting impression on all and sundry. Misses Dressy had no choice but to include Jovani Dresses to our sexy and elegant collection as they are so glamorous, stylish and show stopping that we could not resist and we believe no woman would ever be able to resist. These dresses have constantly dressed celebrities and are guaranteed to give you the red carpet dress you never ever thought you could afford; they are reasonably priced, affordable without compromising quality and are designed with delicate attention to detail.

Jovani Mother of the Bride Dresses are the epitome of glamour, style, charm and attraction. It’s your daughter’s big day, so who else should look elegant after the bride? Of course you! These dresses have different styles and silhouettes that fit you and make you exude charm and allure on your daughter’s day. As you move here and there putting things in place, you become the center of attraction and enjoy self-confidence filled with pride for the day. These classic styles are of various colors and designs and there’s always a dress to choose especially for themed weddings requiring special colors. Stand out in the crowd and raise your head high, who else can give you that kind of appeal if not Jovani.

Choosing a dress for homecoming, special evenings, cocktail and last minute invites shouldn’t make you panic, with Jovani Cocktail Dresses you are bound to find a wide variety of sophisticated dresses uniquely designed for you. With trendy fringe details and irresistible bead embellishments, take your pick from a wide range of dresses that exude sex appeal. Make the best use of the opportunity to always look stunning in any occasion, and make heads turn by choosing from a variety of solid colors as well as fun prints. You can also opt for feminine floral or sexy animal prints. Sparkling sequins, glittering crystals and colorful rhinestones also serve as eye candy to anyone you come across. The right cocktail dress will certainly give you a feeling of confidence and make you look sexy; this is sure to attract a lot of compliments. If you are out on a date, be sure he’ll never take his eyes off you.

Also of ultra-chic flavor and designs are a wide collection of Jovani Evening Dresses which are sure to quench any fashion thirst. With intricate designs and attention to detail, there are so many stylish and fabulous choices to pick from, these glamorous collections never cease to amaze. There are dresses suitable and complimenting different body shapes, silhouettes and sizes. Whether you have a tall or petite frame, there’s just the right dress for you. Take your pick from a variety of long flowing evening gowns. Jovani also has a great variety of short-length dresses that are elegantly subtle and sweet or sharp and sexy.

Jovani Couture Dresses are truly elegant and chic in every sense of the word and features celebrities making bold statements and spectacular appearances every step of the way. Whoever you choose to be at every point in time for any kind of occasion, you are never alone with an exclusive collection of beautifully and intricately designed Jovani gowns made especially for your figure. This finest collection expresses a stylish fashion sense of the designer in a powerful way, and makes you look absolutely stunning and classically beautiful. No other collection can boast of such luxurious fabrics specifically designed to fit the feminine figure in all the right sexy places. Jovani dresses come in various styles and designs, whether you want to select a pageant gown, red carpet dress or simply a dazzling couture style, these dresses are created in the most stunning designs suitable for every occasion.

Jovani Beyond Evening Dresses are by far the most modern trendsetting designer dresses in the industry. From a variety of silhouettes that feature full sequins, intricate beading good finishing; these dresses will transform you into fashion models. The key is glamour and quality rolled into one, and goes way above and beyond the normal everyday style. For special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, mother of the groom dresses, and other special occasions that require that posh red carpet look, there are dazzlingly beautiful colors and designs with unique decorative beading and lace details which make them irresistible for elegant and fashionable women. There are both long and short styles and some have fashionable shawls and jackets.

You shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it, you’ve dreamt about this big day ever since you were a little girl! And why should you choose the perfect bridal dress? Simple; it’s the centerpiece of attraction on your big day. Jovani Bridal Dresses exude sophistication, beauty, glamour and excellence coupled with the highest quality. These dresses have a wide variety of designs; from diverse hemlines, necklines, embellishments, textures, fabrics and colors to figure-hugging mermaid bridal dresses that tightly fit your curves. Take your pick from flowing Jovani Bridal Gowns fit for a goddess; having it in mind that classic white wedding dresses usually have spectacular and vivid embellishments such as beads, sequins, crystals, rhinestones and jewels. Lace, ruffles or flower appliqués add an extra feminine effect.

Also available for selection is a wide choice of long, floor-length gowns or short-length dresses, or dazzle them on your big day with other fresh colors aside from white.