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Select and present a bouquet to the groom. Simultaneously, combined with a bouquet of flowers made boutonniere for the groom - a miniature floral arrangement, fastened to the lapel of his jacket.

At the wedding bouquet is usually assigned to the expectations of all unmarried bridesmaids. By tradition, the bride wedding cake before serving, parted with a bouquet of the bride. There are several options for the way, give a bouquet.

          A. Option - the most popular, this is when the bride turns her back to her friends and throws a bridal bouquet. I am as toastmaster at a wedding before this ritual, I spend a little interactive, with the girls, who will catch the bouquet. I spend a little competition from the use of props - fans and friends a girl, bride, dancing to the music show that they are ready to catch the bouquet. For this option, first of all, a photographer and videoperator. When the girls caught the bouquet, the girls on the faces of so many emotions. But there is a minus in this embodiment, a bunch of girls may fall or simply tear it, but agree that this option does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

        Two. Option - Russian ancient tradition. The bride is the center of the hall, her unmarried friends, hold hands and surround the dance of the bride. Sing a song, in this case, a DJ at the wedding included a wedding song, the bride with her eyes closed during the whirling dance, bridal bouquet intuitively conveys one of the bridesmaids.

        Three. Option - the same dance as in the second embodiment, only taken in addition satin ribbon, 2-meter-long (preferably different colors). Lent takes so much, that was enough to all her friends, who will participate in the ritual of the wedding bouquet. One tape is attached to the bouquet. The bride in the center of the dance, the girls take the end of the tape. The bride picks up the bouquet above his head, and all under the wedding ring, set by a DJ at a wedding, dance around the bride as soon as the tune ended, they carefully pulled ribbons that the bride clutched in his hand, and tied with ribbon bouquet, goes to the very lucky girlfriend. As a leading wedding, plead it for this variant, it is colorful, aesthetic, and for the photographer, videographer, and acceptable.

        But if we talk about the old Russian tradition, the wedding bouquet, which gave the groom, the bride attributed zasushivala home and kept until golden wedding, but the bouquet that the bride gives her friends, his father gives the bride.

And in this article should be added that the groom in the gaming and entertainment, can remove the garter from the bride and throw it to your friends bachelors.

   The ritual of throwing the garter, came to us from medieval Europe. It began, like many of the rites of the national superstition. It was believed that a piece of wedding dress honeymooners, newlyweds, brings good luck, happiness and love. And each guest was trying to wrest for themselves a modest slice of wedding attire.

   We even have a garter your order - the Order of the Garter. It is the oldest secular order of Europe, the highest order of the British Crown. It is dedicated to St. George, patron saint of England, and its symbolism is present on the arms of Great Britain. According to one of the surviving legends, the order was founded by King Edward III in 1348. The King danced at the ball with his mistress the Countess of Salisbury, and her legs casually slipped a garter. Excited and embarrassed by Edward vowed to nobility and lover, which makes this piece toilet most revered and respected. No sooner said than done. Thus was the Order, the ribbon is embroidered with the motto: "Be ashamed to him who thinks ill of it." Until now, the charter members of the Order may be both just 24 knights.

     Had the honor of being awarded the Order of the Garter, many decent people. For example, the king's person: Alexander I, Nicholas I, and Alexander II. But Peter I refused the order, granted him the king of England, as the thought that it made him a national of the British Crown. And set up his Order of St. Andrew.

     Throw sometimes buttonhole or tie specifically for the stockpiled. Do you want to holiday was fun? Then do this boyish fun.

Since ancient times, flowers have their significance, and there is a flower "phrase." In drawing up the bridal bouquet, useful to know the value of colors.

   Aster - symbol of love, elegance

   Astra white - I love you more than you love me

   Pansies - my thoughts are you

   Cornflower - I dare not express to you my feelings

   Carnation - fascination, woman's love

   Red Carnations - admiration, my heart is full of thee

   Carnation pink - never forget you

   Purple Carnation - volatility, moodiness

Carnation Striped - refusal, unfortunately, can not be with you, though, and I want this

Carnation White - innocence, pure love, the gift of women's success

Carnation yellow - you disappoint me

Gladiolus - luxury, splendor, give me a chance, I'm sincere, flower of the gladiators

Dahlia - good to see you

Hydrangea - Thank you for your understanding

Iris - Your friendship means a lot to me

Camellia - noble

Pink Camellia - you crave

Camellia red, you're a flame in my heart

White Camellia - you are delicious

The bell - why do you torture me whims

Lily - you decorate my life

White lily - purity, delightful to be with you

Yellow Lily - I'm going through the air, a dissolute

Lily - Beauty

Poppy - eternal sleep, pleasure

Daisy - loyal love, never tell

Mimosa - modesty, shyness

Narcissus - love me, sympathy

Me-nots - true love, memories

Marigold - cruelty, grief, jealousy

Dandelion - faithfulness, happiness

Orchid - love, beauty, a symbol of many children

Peony - dissatisfaction

Ivy - friendship and affection.

Rose pink - trust me

Red rose - I love you

Rose Tea - I will always remember

Rose without thorns - Love at First Sight

White Rose - innocence and purity, I am worthy of you

Yellow rose - jealousy

Rosebud - Beauty and youth

Chamomile - The Beginning of Hope

Red tulip - declaration of love

Tulip-colored - beautiful eyes

Tulip Yellow - sunshine

Violet - modesty

White Violet - let's take the risk

Chrysanthemum - you're great friend

White chrysanthemum - truth

Chrysanthemum yellow - the love weak