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Victoria's Secret - an American company, which is one of the most famous international companies for the production of lingerie.
One day, Roy Raymond, a graduate of Stanford with a degree of MBA, decided to make a gift to his wife and went to the store in search of beautiful lingerie. Once in the store of lingerie he lost his head in the "hereafter" the world of women's accessories. He wandered among the shelves with products all sizes, colors and styles. Sellers who have been trained to serve women who are not able to help him make a purchase. So Roy and left empty-handed, but with a revolutionary idea.

And in 1977, in a suburb of San Francisco, Roy Raymond raelizatsiyu begins his ideas. He opens his first store - «Victoria's Secret», positioned as a new type of lingerie stores. Shop combines European elegance with a friendly atmosphere in which even men feel comfortable.

Raymond project has since grown repeatedly, producing a real revolution in the approach to sales of lingerie in the world.

By 1982, Raymond has opened six stores and launched a small program to implement the clothes through catalogs. However, experiencing financial difficulties, sold the Victoria's Secret, Leslie Wexner, owner of the retail women's clothing store The Limited, for $ 4 million.

It Wexner subsequently made the brand one of the leading on the market. Wexner saw a real chance to make a fashionable and pleasing to the eye, even that which is usually hidden under clothing. It is understood that any woman who bought and wore "just clothes" in the soul aspired to wear something exclusive and beautiful.

The first thing that made the Wexner - got rid of the image of "paradise for men," and made a bid for a female audience.

To enhance the perception of the brand as a purely European, in catalogs indicated that the main office is located in London, when in fact he was in Ohio.

Fashionable lingerie from Victoria's Secret was positioned as an affordable luxury. The atmosphere of sexuality, sophistication, and Romanticism appealed to women much more than the endless shelves of supermarkets with uniform shorts and bras.

To build a brand with a capital hires Finkelmana Wexner, has an MBA from Harvard, has worked for 14 years a consultant in McKinsey & Company.

Victoria's Secret holds regular shows, displays of new products involving supermodels. New items are produced each season. On-line display of new products from Victoria's Secret in 1999, became one of the hits of the Internet. To support the growth of sales in their stores the company plans to sell the most popular models in the catalogs of all its stores. Catalogues, leaving a circulation of about 365 million copies, bringing a third of all revenues.